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Pantries Built for Busy Kitchens


Chances are there is plenty of activity in your kitchen, and whenever you reach for an item from your cabinets or pantry, you set off an avalanche of spice shakers or soup cans. Well, it’s time to take back control! Why have a kitchen pantry stuffed with everything you need if it’s a disorganized mess?… Read more »

Cabinet Designs and Solutions for Full Stock Pantries

Cabinet Designs - NDA Kitchens

Building an ideal pantry solution can be a daunting task for large families, but incorporating specialized storage that promises easy and simplified access to everyday snacks and items can create a more harmonious and efficient maximization of your kitchen. Great kitchen pantries are often times high on a homeowner’s list of needs when shopping for… Read more »

2021 Kitchen Color Trends

Kitchen Color Trends - NDA Kitchens

While 2020 brought us into the kitchen to make banana bread during quarantine (along with the rest of social media), some of us might have spent our time in the cooking area growing bored of our current color palette. The new color trends for kitchens in 2021 are sure to make a statement with soft… Read more »

How to Remove the Clutter in a Small Kitchen

A guide on how to set up a small kitchen without the usual clutter

Small, cluttered kitchens with limited counter and cabinet space create challenges in tiny apartments and small condos and homes. Problems arise from wasted time to wasted space. Want to organize your appliances, maximize your space and make your kitchen more efficient? Consider the top ways to remove the clutter in a small kitchen. Gauge your… Read more »

7 Practical and Beautiful Laundry Room Ideas

A list of elegant and easy laundry room design ideas

Could a trendy, hands-on space liven up one of life’s most mundane chores? We put the theory to the test and thought up seven ways to level up your laundry room from super easy upgrades to simple makeovers to smart renovations. Follow our tips and your dreams to create a laundry room so practical and… Read more »

Get Inspired by these 5 Kitchen Brands

A list of 5 pioneering kitchen brands

Get Inspired by these 5 Kitchen Brands Whether you’re visiting a friend, flipping through a magazine or browsing the web, inspiration for your dream kitchen can strike anywhere at any moment. At NDA Kitchens, we love to get our clients excited about the newest and trendiest products from the industry’s leading brands. Need a jump-start… Read more »

How the Retro Homes of Mad Men Inspired New Designs

A look into how the popular retro homes of Mad Men have inspired modern designs

The 2007 debut of hit American period drama TV series Mad Men, with its finger on the pulse of modernism, inspired a new generation of loyal followers seeking the equally sweet and glamorous modernist style in the workplace and at home. Mad Men’s retro homes mix both the vintage and new to capture the essence… Read more »

How to Design a Green Kitchen with Bamboo

Build the green kitchen of your dreams with bamboo

Every green kitchen demands super-sustainable construction material. At the top of the list — alongside cork, recycled timbers and FSC-certified wood — is bamboo. The uniquely beautiful, extra strong, totally green and incredibly popular material has taken the home building and renovation world by storm. For all its desirable qualities, bamboo is the epitome of… Read more »

7 Quick and Easy Home Improvement Tips

Update the curb appeal of your home without breaking your back or budget

Imagine transforming any or every room in your house in as little as one weekend without breaking your back or your budget. NDA Kitchens hopes to make your next home improvement project quick, easy and impossible for your house guests to ignore. Refresh the rooms. Rule number one for simple, fast and budget-friendly home improvement… Read more »

Boost Your Curb Appeal with These Easy Home Improvement Tips

Small steps people can take for the home improvement of their curb appeal

What makes for an easy home improvement project? For the average homeowner, it’s a matter of time, money and labor. Boosting the curb appeal of your home often means tapping into a limited budget and putting a stop to your limited time. The expensive and elaborate nature of home improvement projects can leave you scratching… Read more »