The Happy Family of NDA Kitchens,

We want to thank everyone for their professionalism, timeline and expertise for making our dream kitchen so beautiful.

We appreciate your dedication, work ethic and willingness to always address any questions we asked. When changes were to be made, the guys couldn’t do enough to help satisfy or adjust the situation in hand. Everyone knew their job and were always accommodating. When we were choosing the items for our kitchen, we always felt that the family was helping us.

Thanks again,

Maureen & Joe A.

To Ed Rowland and the Entire Staff at NDA Kitchens,

In recent years we had the opportunity to hire people to do some jobs we had previously done ourselves. When we first realized we could do this it was an exciting thought.

Though our experience was not always negative, in many cases we were not prepared to deal with the frustrations we encountered. Once we found the person we thought would be right for the job, we had to trust that they would do it well, return our phone calls, and show up when they were supposed to. Unfortunately we were often disappointed. So in fact what we thought was going to be a “carefree” experience often turned out to have its own sets of frustrations.

This was never the case in our dealings with NDA Kitchens. From the very beginning when we first stepped into the showroom we were greeted with enthusiasm, treated with respect and provided with the information we needed. If we asked a question that was not readily answerable the staff always called with an answer in a timely manner.

So equipped with our initial positive encounters and with recommendations from two friends who had experience with your company we decided to have NDA Kitchens do our renovation. Not once did we regret our decision.

Each team of trade professionals not only did an excellent job in their trade but was considerate in answering our questions and addressing our concerns. When we wanted to make a change from the original plans on a couple of occasions either the project director or the tradesperson worked with us to make the change or helped us understand why it would not be feasible. We never felt like we were being “put off”.

Coincidently while this job was going on I was reading a book entitled The Speed of Trust by Steven R. Covey. The book, written by a man well known in the business world, examines how building trust can benefit leaders and organizations. It discusses how this trust climate is even more important after the many recent examples in corporate America that have inspired the “lack of trust”.

I could not help but make parallels between my experience with NDA Kitchens and Covey’s discussion of the “trust dividend” that benefits leaders and organizations to do things better, faster and at a lower cost.

Your company has earned our trust. We would both recommend NDA Kitchens to anyone who wants to have a renovation. We think you and your employees not only provide quality work but also work hard at demonstrating respect and showing integrity.

Thanks for a beautiful kitchen and living room/dining room renovation and for the positive experience.

Sincerely, Judy & Jim Johnsen (Bayport)

Dear NDA Kitchens,

We at the McKenna family want to thank one and all for making our home a beautiful show place, from your very helpful office help to all of your craftsmen. All were excellent workers from the beginning to the end of the job. Our kitchen that was done last year is an absolute eye stopper as is our brand new bathroom. Thank you all again.

Very Truly Yours,

Carol, Mac and Elizabeth McKenna

To Ed Rowland and Company,

Just a short note to thank you and your entire staff for a job well done. NDA Kitchens has made renovating our home a pleasurable and stress free experience.

All the Best,

Mr. & Mrs. Norton

To Ed and the Entire NDA Kitchens Staff,

Once again we want to thank each and every one of you for the beautiful job done at our home. We get so much enjoyment out of our sunroom and now we just love the fantastic finished basement you created for us in a wonderful way and in such a caring way as if it was your own home. We look forward to doing further business with you in the near future!


Laura & Mark Baxter

To Ed and the Entire NDA Kitchens Staff,

We recently had our kitchen completed by NDA Kitchens and we really are thrilled with everything. A few years ago we met with Diane and she worked out a few different ideas but we were unable to finish. This spring we again met with Diane who really worked with us and after many hours of drawing and redrawing we signed on the dotted line. Diane was always listening carefully to what we wanted and spent a lot of time with us. We are so pleased each time we walk into our new kitchen.

We really would like to express our gratitude for two other employees who really deserve recognition. Courtney was our carpenter and his professionalism and eye for detail was outstanding. Our friends have seen his craftsmanship and can appreciate his skills. He validates the reputation of your company.

Unfortunately we did have a problem with the installation of the liner tiles (Aurora Metal) which were installed throughout the kitchen backsplash. They were installed with an enormous amount of grout which actually took away from the detail on each 12 x 2 inch tile and altered the finish. After two attempts to remove the grout it was decided to remove the liner tile and replace it.

Robb Gobbi worked the first day for over twelve hours removing the ruined tiles and installing the new ones. He taped each tile and worked tediously on the project and it is exactly how we envisioned it should be. The liner tiles add such a strong detail to the backsplash and we really appreciate all the work which was done to create the look we wanted.

Overall we are so pleased with your company and each person’s contribution to our kitchen. We only wished they had arrived ten years earlier. Thank you again.


Linda & Ralph Spinelli

Dear Ed,

Our kitchen, bath and renovation project is nearing the end and we want to tell you how impressed we are with NDA Kitchens’ capabilities and more importantly, its employees.

Major structural modifications were necessary before our new kitchen and bath could be installed. Three walls were replaced with supporting beams and several changes were made to the existing heating, air conditioning, electrical and plumbing systems. The finished product is beautiful. We have enclosed before and after photographs, along with a short list of items that need to be addressed to complete the project.

It is hard to believe, but the project will be completed in less than 4 weeks. Throughout the project, more than 30 men came to our house. Some days, as many as 10 men worked in excess of 12 hours. Everyone was very professional and very accommodating. We wonder how you motivate your employees. They act as though they are in business working for themselves.

Congratulations on a job well done!