Finding someone to help with a home remodeling project on Long Island can be a difficult task. There are hundreds – perhaps thousands – of options to choose from including general contractors, architects, handymen, and even the big box home improvement chains. The real problem is finding the complete package: one company specializing in all aspects of home remodeling from concept to completion in design/built. As it turns out, there’s a place the Long Island homeowner can turn.

…it all begins with design. And our ability to design separates us from a majority of contractors.

NDA delivers the “design/build” approach to kitchen remodeling and all home remodeling projects

“What makes NDA Kitchens and Construction unique in the industry,” says founder, owner and president Edmund “Ed” Rowland Jr., “is that we walk the fine line between two completely separate but related industries: the kitchen industry and the remodeling industry.”

The traditional approach for most home renovation projects consists of the appointment of a designer on one side, and the appointment of a contractor on the other side. The design/build procurement route changes the traditional sequence of work. It answers the homeowner’s desire for a single-point of responsibility during their remodeling project, which tends to reduce risks and overall costs.

According to Ed, the marriage between the design and build-out phases is what makes NDA stand out from the pack of most Long Island construction firms.

“The kitchen industry tends to be driven by design, but the general remodeling industry – not so much. With a significant construction project, a homeowner always needs a detailed design along with a comprehensive building plan. Contractors don’t render designs and hiring an architect is not only expensive but doesn’t come with a commitment to a specific budget of building out the rendered design.”

NDA Kitchens and Construction offers the Long Island community a better solution with their commitment and expertise to the design/build remodeling model. This unique approach allows NDA to take all renovation projects from concept to completion by helping homeowners envision a concept, draft the architectural plans, and choose and supply the building materials. From demolition to build-out NDA is able to handle every aspect of your kitchen, or other, remodeling project.

A level of home “renovation expertise” unparalleled on Long Island

Ed explains that it is this level of “total service” that you will always find at NDA and not at other Long Island home improvement companies.

“At least not to the extent that we do it. As an experienced remodeling company, NDA Kitchens and Construction has a full complement of construction workers, trades people, trucks, equipment, warehouses and shops in Long Island.”

“We have a beautiful showroom and a large staff to generate plans, specifications and estimates. We have project managers, production managers, and many more people to help bring s beautiful end result into your Long Island home. I know the term gets overused, but we truly are a one-stop-shop.”

“But even with all of that it always begins with a great design. It’s our ability to design that really separates us from every other contractor.”

When it’s time for your next kitchen renovation, bathroom update or home improvement project make sure you contact Long Island’s only true design/build company – NDA Kitchens and Construction.