Your kitchen is the heart of your home, so it should be both functional and stylish. Some of the top trends in kitchen design right now can help you accomplish both of those goals. Ahead, you'll find seven modern kitchen remodeling ideas that will give your space an up-to-date feel without sacrificing functionality in the process.

#1 Add an Island Sink

Kitchen islands have been a popular trend for years, but modern designs are expanding on that idea even more. These days, kitchens with ample space are going for a two-island look. This opens up your room, and it gives you a walking area between the two units rather than requiring that you go all the way around one large island.

Double islands give you plenty of work space, and you can use one as a seating area with barstools. Plus, with two islands, you can include plenty of storage drawers, shelves and cabinets along the sides.

One of the hottest ideas for a two-island kitchen is to install a second sink in one of them. Although this will probably be smaller than your main sink, it will provide an area where your kitchen helper can wash hands, rinse vegetables or fill drinking glasses.

You can see an example of this idea in a Laurel Hollow kitchen that our team remodeled:

Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

#2 Infuse Your Space with a Pop of Color

If you're used to white kitchens with stainless steel appliances, you might be surprised to see just how colorful kitchens are becoming these days. Homeowners are adding color in all sorts of places throughout their kitchens.

You could install cabinets in a vibrant shade, paint a focal wall a bright color, or add shelving in a lively hue. To really give your room a rainbow feel, select a different color for each chair or barstool.

Even appliances are getting a color facelift these days. Designer stoves and refrigerators come in playful shades like royal blue, fire engine red, and sunshine yellow. Some are even printed with eye-catching patterns.

Watch the video below to find inspiration for your kitchen's color palette:

#3 Mix Tones in Your Kitchen

Even if you aren't big on the idea of adding bright, bold colors to your kitchen, you don't have to settle for a monochromatic design. Instead, consider a two-toned kitchen, which will add dimension to your room in a less dramatic fashion. You can mix a painted finish with a wood finish or choose two paint colors.

An easy way to incorporate two tones into your kitchen is to use a different color for the island than you use elsewhere in the room. For example, your main cabinetry could be white, but the cabinetry used for your island could be a deep gray.

In the kitchen below, we combined white cabinets around the perimeter of the room with a rich wood finish for the island:

Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

#4 Use Your Favorite Metallic Finish

Another way to take the color palette of your kitchen up a notch is to use interesting metals for the room's hardware. Don't lock yourself into faucets or cabinet handles with a basic silver finishes like chrome or brushed nickel.

These days, gold, rose gold, copper and other metals are a popular addition to kitchens. It's even acceptable to use a mix of metals in the same room.

Check out the oil rubbed bronze finish that we used in this East Northport kitchen:

Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

By the way, you don't have to limit unique metal finishes to faucets only. All-metal sinks are hot right now, and they come in far more finish styles than just basic stainless steel. Gold and copper are two unique choices, and you can even get sinks that are hammered or embossed with intricate designs.

#5 Tuck Away Additional Lighting

A bright kitchen feels open and inviting. It's also easy to see what you're working on in a kitchen that has plenty of light.

Large statement lights over the island can create a focal point for the room, but they aren't usually sufficient for illuminating the entire room. Instead, you should have multiple lighting sources throughout the room.

These lights don't all have to be readily visible. Instead, you can place recessed lights in your ceiling, illuminate the inside of cabinets, or install fixtures underneath cabinets or shelves.

LED bulbs are ideal for these applications. They are small enough to tuck away but still emit a powerful glow.

Check out the under-the-cabinet lights that we installed in this Saint James home:

Modern Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

#6 Focus on Open Shelving

Many modern kitchens are doing away with high cabinets. Instead, designers are leaving this space more open, which can help the kitchen feel lighter and roomier.

Of course, it's still important to ensure that you have enough storage space in your kitchen. Open shelving can provide this without detracting from the look that you're trying to achieve. You can install shelves throughout the room or just position them in a few key spots.

Open shelves are a good place to stash stacks of matching dishes so that your dinnerware becomes a design element. You can also display decorative items on the shelves.

The video below contains multiple examples of kitchen layouts with open shelving:

#7 Install Quartz for Counters and More

One of the most popular trends in modern countertops is quartz. This manmade material is made of crushed stone, glass, minerals and other types of aggregate, and they're held together with a binder.

Quartz comes in a variety of colors so it's easy to find one that will coordinate with your kitchen. It resists stains and is non-porous, so it's easy to keep it clean and sanitary. It's a hard material that won't get scratched easily, and it will retain a high gloss finish.

Quartz countertops are an eco-friendly choice. They are made largely of waste byproducts from the production of other building materials.

You don't have to limit quartz only to countertops. It can also be used for flooring, backsplashes, or entire walls.

Learn more about this versatile building material in the following video:

Which of these modern kitchen remodeling ideas would you like to use in your home? When you design a room that blends your personal tastes with the best in modern design trends, the kitchen could become your favorite room in the house.

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