Creating a dream bar in your kitchen is a balancing act: your functional goals on the one hand and your design aspirations on the other. More than just the look and feel, utility plays an important role. From updating an outdated kitchen with signature style, to opening up a cramped lifestyle with multi-use space, your dream bar is an elegant yet practical solution to add beauty and value to your kitchen and home.


Top reasons to create your dream bar

  • The open kitchen

Does your kitchen layout feel cramped or cluttered? Consider an open concept floor plan with your dream bar center stage. Just open a wall and add a bar to change the entire spatial feel and add extra breathing room.

  • Practical and decorative.

A kitchen bar is a hybrid solution with all sorts of practical and decorative upsides. More than an updated appearance, your dream bar creates functional space the whole family can enjoy.

Give the kids a place to sit while you cook or clean and introduce an easy-to-clean work space perfect for art projects and activities. Enjoy all the fun in the kitchen without the risk of damaging an expensive dinner table.

For the overall design, consider changing the countertops to complement the bar. Select a light color to brighten and open up your kitchen space even more.

  • Entertaining guests.

Every “party house” needs a space for eating, engaging and entertaining. From setting up a buffet, to simply serving dessert, your kitchen bar gives family and friends a place to gather for good food and fun.


Key elements of your dream bar

More than just a casual area to relax and grab a quick bite or beverage, your kitchen bar doubles as an extra serving area. Kitchen bars come in all shapes, styles and sizes. But the main goal is always the same: creating a functional, attractive and comfortable space.

Functional kitchen bars demand a spacious surface. Any bar top shorter than 18 inches wide restricts prime real estate for relaxing. You also want space for matching chairs or stills. Keep at least 12 inches extended past the bar top to slide seating comfortably underneath.

Functional also means accessible. Keep your kitchen bar easy to access from both sides: a space for you to serve on one side and for people to sit on the other. Also, leave about 3 to 5 feet for people to walk behind those seated at the bar.

A stylish kitchen bar is an attractive one. Start with fashionable chairs and accents to blend with your kitchen design. Choose wood chairs to match a wood finish or select metal chairs to match a more modern kitchen.

Use the same material for the bar and countertop or consider something slightly different yet compatible. For example, you can create beautiful contrast with a lighter or darker surface.

One part attractive, the other part functional, lighting is a key element of your dream kitchen bar. Pendants work well for freestanding bars or bars with nothing above them. Opt instead for recessed lighting for bars situated under a cabinet or sill.

Seating is the main element of comfort. When deciding between stools and chairs, remember that smaller stools are uncomfortable for larger adults. Also, children can fall off. Your best option: larger stools, preferably with backs. For optimal comfort, avoid overcrowding the small space with too many seats.


Ideas for your bar top

The bar top gets the most attention. The best option for your kitchen depends on your unique needs and goals. Consider the top contenders: glass, wood, natural stone and stainless steel.

  • The glass bar top.

Modern, minimalist and contemporary, glass bar tops accent your kitchen with a touch of luxury and comfort. Glass reflects light to promote a pleasant atmosphere.

On the utility front, glass is easy to clean, scratch resistant and able to withstand high temperatures.

Pay attention to quality and thickness to mitigate the risk to avoid any possible cracks or breaks.

  • The wooden bar top.

Wooden bar tops resist wear and tear and protect against moisture, which causes swelling. Its natural beauty exudes within modern, traditional and rustic kitchens alike.

Always in style, solid woods add signature warmth, elegance and style. Homeowners appreciate wooden bar tops for their natural patina over time and also for the individual charms and colors of various species, including oak, cherry, teak and bamboo. Keep in mind, though, that wooden bar tops are susceptible to scratching, stains and discoloration.

  • The natural stone bar top.

Granite is the most popular material for kitchen bar tops with unlimited options. Marble is a timeless classic few bar tops can replicate.

More than just elegant and stylish, natural stone is durable, easy to maintain and scratch and heat resistant.

  • The stainless steel bar top.

Stainless steel introduces a signature sleek shine. Combine a stainless steel bar top with virtually any color and enjoy the convenience of indisputable quality. Stainless steel is durable, heat resistant, non-staining, hygienic and super easy to clean. It’s an all-around great option for the contemporary kitchen.


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