Truth be told, you can do work on your kitchen at pretty much any time of year, but some months are better than others. To learn more about the best time of year to remodel kitchen, read on. We’ll evaluate each season and determine the pros and cons of undertaking a remodeling project at that time.


Spring is the season for new life, so why not give your kitchen some new life then too? Doing a spring kitchen remodel is a bit like an extreme version of spring cleaning.

Spring temperatures can range from the still-freezing days of March to the near-summer days of May. Because kitchen remodeling is generally conducted indoors, this doesn’t matter much to your project. The indoor work also means that seasonal rains won’t generally hinder the work that is being done.

However, some remodeling jobs involve not just rearranging the interior layout of your kitchen but also expanding its footprint. In that case, either early spring freezes or a stretch of rainy weather might cause your project’s timeline to run off track.

Another drawback to spring kitchen remodeling is that this can be a busy season for many contractors, especially those who don’t focus primarily on interior remodels. Once winter’s cold spell breaks, customers quickly become anxious to begin major outdoor projects. Therefore, a contractor’s spring schedule is often quite full.

Just as it works in most markets, the law of supply and demand can make a difference in the price that you pay for a remodeling project. When contractors are in high demand, their prices can increase accordingly. If you’re looking to save money on your home improvement project, spring might not be the best season to schedule a contractor.


The summer season is often recommended as one of the best times to undertake an interior home remodeling project.

The weather is often favorable, which is especially helpful if you’re adding onto your house as part of your kitchen improvement. If the work is fully indoors, workers may appreciate the comfort of your air-conditioned house.

Another advantage to remodeling your kitchen in the summer is that bright, sunny days can fill your kitchen with an abundance of natural light. When you’re trying to find the best matches for cabinetry, countertops, flooring and walls, natural light can help you identify the true nature of the colors that you are considering.

The following video highlights the importance of relying on the right lighting when selecting paint colors:

Remodeling your kitchen can take your cooking space out of commission for several weeks. Fortunately, if you have the work done during the summer, you have a variety of options that can help you through this time without having to eat out every day.

Backyard grilling is a great alternative to indoor cooking. Simple outdoor meals can also feature an assortment of fresh seasonal produce that requires no cooking at all.

Summer is a season for travel, and that gives you another way to avoid the inconvenience of a remodeling job. Many families plan for the work to be done during their summer vacations. They schedule a few weeks away and return home to a brand new kitchen that’s ready for use.

However, keep in mind that prices could be higher over the summer. This is a busy season for contractors, so they may charge more.


Autumn is another popular time of year to have major work done to your kitchen. In fact, you can take advantage of the plentiful natural light in summer to pick out your decor scheme so that you’re ready to start the project once fall rolls around.

Some people choose to remodel their kitchens in the fall because they want the work done before the holiday season. They look forward to the idea of showing off their updated kitchen design to holiday guests, and it’s exciting to think about preparing seasonal feasts with new countertops, cabinets and appliances.

A contractor’s major summer projects are usually winding down by fall, so you may find that the schedule is a little more flexible than it was a few months before. Even still, fall can be busy because homeowners often decide to undertake a last-minute project before the holidays. Therefore, you shouldn’t necessarily expect budget prices on the work quite yet.

However, you might find good deals on new appliances if you redo your kitchen in the fall. Retailers like to clear out their current stock before bringing in new models for the new year.


Although winter isn’t the traditional season in which to remodel a kitchen, if you’re willing to be flexible, it can be a good time of year to have the work done.

Many homeowners shy away from a winter remodel because they don’t want their house torn up during the holidays. If this is when you traditionally welcome guests to your home, you might feel the same way. However, if you usually go away for the holidays, you might be able to have the work done while you’re gone.

The coldest part of the year can be a slow season for contractors. Therefore, you may find special offers or upgrades designed to entice homeowners into scheduling a home improvement project. If you’re looking to stretch your remodeling budget as far as possible, it’s a good idea to look into possible winter discounts.

However, you may have to be a bit patient during a winter remodeling project. Suppliers are sometimes slow to fulfill a contractor’s orders during this time of the year. This can cause your project to get held up for reasons outside of your contractor’s control.

One workaround may be to wait to begin to the work until all components have arrived. That way, once work is underway, it can move quickly from beginning to end without delay.

In general, summer is considered the very best time of year to remodel kitchen. However, because kitchens are an indoor job, you can choose to have the work done whenever it best suits your schedule.

Because NDA Kitchens specializes in kitchen remodeling, we are available to help transform your kitchen at any time of year. To start planning your upcoming kitchen remodeling project, contact us about scheduling a free design consultation.