The silver screen is an endless source for inspiration. We cut and style our hair to match our favorite movie characters. We hit the gym and cut the carbs to build a Batman body. We build extensive wardrobes and buy expensive cars in search of Hollywood VIP status. And why should we stop at borrowing ideas from our favorite movie kitchens? Here is a list of movies with marvelous kitchens you can imitate, duplicate or recreate.

Something’s Gotta Give
Director Nancy Meyers knows a thing or two about luxurious Hampton beach houses. And she knows most of them feature a blowout kitchen, the exact type featured as the bright and beautiful backdrop for her hit romantic comedy, Something’s Gotta Give.

Marked for both status and function, large blowout kitchens feature commercial appliances, custom cabinetry, granite countertops and other high-end, expensive features. No other kitchen better suits the tastes of the successful and accomplished main character of the film, portrayed by Diane Keaton.

The gleaming white and revolutionary English Colonial kitchen, bursting with sunlight, features milky white hues, soft finishes, subtle detailing and clean design. It’s clearly a cook’s kitchen built to treat cooking as a hobby or creative endeavor rather than a chore.

How popular is the signature blowout kitchen? Extremely. It’s the number one requested style — described as the most copied kitchen of all time — and one of the most searched features on

It’s Complicated
Director Nancy Meyers returns to recreate the casual Santa Barbara look in her second post-divorce comedy, It’s Complicated. Bright, uncluttered and spacious, the kitchen features a marble-topped table. And it opens into the dining room to create a California dream. But Meyers really leaves her mark in her attention to detail, as evidenced by the kitchen’s fixtures and accessories.

Everywhere you turn is another exquisite nuance: hanging lamps made of antique white metal with a hand-rubbed antique brass finish on the inside; a practical and useful aluminum clip spot light; handmade William Yeoward Carafe designed for everyday use; Seletta canisters inspired by ring-pull storage cans and crafted in porcelain.

Even the smallest of details shine. From perfectly matched sets of pots and pans, to a vintage linen table runner, to matchstick blinds with a small valance, the kitchen is flawless down to the silverware.

Amelie features an interior design as impressive as its Academy Award nomination for best screenplay and directing. Take one look at the retro kitchen — accented with scarlet, sage and marigold — and one word comes to mind: nostalgic.

What the kitchen lacks in size, it makes up for in vintage charm. Checkered tiling, beaded curtains and open shelving join together to create a delightful kitchen harmony. Reds and yellows merge with splashes of greens and blues to complete a simple and lovely kitchen.

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