There is more to bathroom remodeling than meets the eye. The project appears simple on the surface: just freshen the tile and replace the tub. But grout is just the beginning. From mirrors, lighting and towel racks, to plumbing and more, bathroom remodeling is both practical and aesthetic. As the most functional room in the house, the bathroom demands an organized layout. Like any remodeling project, mistakes happen. We’ve got a list of five big mistakes in bathroom remodeling and how to avoid them.

  1. Failing to plan (and planning to fail).

You should put a puzzle together piece by piece. For bathroom remodeling, you want all the moving parts organized in advance. The plumbing must incorporate the design. The design bust incorporate the electrical wiring. The bathtub needs complete measurements before you gut the room. The solution? Plan it all from the start.

First, plan your budget. Next, gather inspiration for your favorite bathroom designs and features: vanities, fixtures, flooring, lighting, colors — everything. With ideas in mind, measure your space and plot your design on graph paper. Cut out a toilet, vanity, tub and any other piece, moving them around until the layout works.

As part of the planning process, research the fixtures. List the items you need and source them based on your budget and style. Talk to contractors and plumbers to price the job and set a date for the remodel.

Also, plan for inconveniences. You could be without a bathroom for a few days. Many homeowners rent a port-a-potty for the backyard.

  1. Introducing too many design elements.

You can only fit so many design elements in a small space like the bathroom. Restraint is the key to a successful bathroom remodeling project. Save your influx of design for another room.

Forget about making every furniture piece the star of the room. Cramming too many show-stopping elements creates visual chaos. The overall design should mute the chaos rather than contribute to it.

Want to avoid this common pitfall? Begin with a focal point (a freestanding bathtub, for example) and build around it. Pick one or two stars and let the rest of the design elements play a supporting role. Breathing room is the trick to making your star design elements shine.

  1. Skimping on storage space.

Simplicity is another key to a successful bathroom remodeling project (bathrooms are often white and sparsely decorated). But the bathroom also carries a lot of baggage. We need a lot of stuff, like our towels and toiletries. And we need a lot of storage space.

Although everything we keep in the bathroom is small — toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hand soap, etc. — small things add up to one big storage challenge. Actually, ample storage space is a top feature people look for in renting an apartment. The bottom line: storage is important.

Our house guests only add to our need for storage space. Want to remedy the situation? Give family members and house guests alike a place to store cosmetics and more. Feel free to get creative with storage solutions from pullout drawers and built-in niches to well-placed hooks.

  1. Overlooking electricity.

In your morning routine, electricity is as important as soap and water. From blow dryers and hair straighteners, to electronic toothbrushes and beard trimmers, your go-to devices need an outlet nearby.

Installing an outlet too far from the vanity is a recipe for headaches and potential danger (no one wants an extension cord draped over the bathroom sink). Want to mitigate the risk? Be smart about where you get your electricity.

  1. Pushing tiling to the extreme.

The bathroom may be the best room for tiling, but it is also the worst room for extremes. Again, simplicity is key.

Feel free to pair a bold tile design (beetle black, for example) with a more neutral tone. However, avoid going overboard with overzealous tiling. The bathroom is for getting ready — not for demanding attention. Avoid this big bathroom remodeling mistake. Don’t go to extremes.

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