Chances are you’ll put more thought into the type of cabinets you want for your new Long Island kitchen than in any other feature and for good reason. With so many styles, finishes and designs to choose from, it’s one of the most exciting aspects of any kitchen renovation. The opportunity to create a truly personalized kitchen is too good to miss, which is why we’re so pleased to include Wood-Mode products in our design portfolio. Few other brands offer as wide an array of creative custom design elements. Here are nine reasons why it’s worthwhile to consider Wood-Mode cabinets for your dream kitchen makeover.

1. A History of Excellence

Founded in 1942, Wood-Mode is the nation’s largest manufacturer of custom cabinets for residential kitchens and baths. Wood-Mode rose to the top of the industry during the 1960s when the company introduced the concept of custom kitchen designs. The company is family-owned and operated, and all products are designed and made in the U.S.A.

2. Style Selections

With personal choice at the heart of Wood-Mode’s philosophy, offering a wide assortment of different decorative style is priority one. Designs are inspired by American traditional and contemporary motifs as well as from cabinet styles from around the world. Whether you prefer cutting-edge modern designs or Old World classics, the broad selection ensures you’ll find the ideal choice.

3. Door Designs

As the most prominent kitchen cabinet feature, doors establish the cabinetry’s overall look and style. Wood-Mode offers more than 200 unique door styles to guarantee you’ll achieve a one-of-a-kind look for your Long Island Kitchen. From beveled glass door cabinets to doors with leather or antique mirror inserts, your choices are only limited by your imagination.

4. Storage Solutions

Wood-Mode cabinets boast a variety of built-in storage and convenience features, including pull-out shelves, slide-out bins, and drawer organizers. Whether you need a pop-up shelf for your favorite small appliance or a well-functioning Lazy Susan for your spices, Wood-Mode offers a hidden storage solution to meet your needs.

5. Durable Finishes

Using furniture finishing techniques perfected over more than 70 years, Wood-Mode creates a broad spectrum of natural and synthetic finishes that function as beautifully as they look. Options include solid colors, opaque finishes, distressed looks and stains than enhance the grain of natural wood. Oven-baked topcoats offer a lifetime of durability.

6. High-Tech Features

Keeping up to date on the latest advancements in technology is a priority at Wood-Mode, and that means you can expect to enjoy great features like self-closing drawers, built-in LED lighting and adjustable roll-out shelving. All the latest trends in colors, designs, and hardware are represented as well.

7. Attention to Detail

Meticulously applied detailing and quality materials are just some of the reasons that Wood-Mode cabinets come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty. Lumber is selected by hand, and then seasoned and kiln-dried until it meets the highest standards. Every section of each cabinet is crafted like a piece of fine furniture, even the hidden parts you never see.

8. Specialty Products

Whether you’d like a butler’s pantry large enough to accommodate your growing family or a chic and sleek coffee station and wine bar for entertaining, Wood-Mode has you covered with a wide range of specialty cabinetry. All are available with organizational features like touch-activated drawers, non-tarnishing inserts for silver and lateral bi-pass sliding doors.

9. The NDA/Wood-Mode Partnership

Since its inception, Wood-Mode has been committed to offering its products through qualified independent dealers rather than big-box home centers. It’s the only way to ensure that clients receive personalized service from experienced and skilled professionals. As a certified dealer, we’re proud to offer quality Wood-Mode cabinets for your new Long Island kitchen.