Whether you’re planning a new addition or revamping an existing bath, your Long Island bathroom remodeling project can add convenience, comfort and luxury to your life at home. Getting the right look and functionality can be challenging, however. Even with a generous budget and plenty of square footage, fitting all the features you want into the hard-working space requires careful planning and preparation. Fortunately, you can learn a lot from the bathroom remodeling mistakes others have made. When it comes to Long Island bathroom remodeling, here are nine of the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.

1. Awkward Toilet Placement

It may be the most frequently used item in your bathroom, but the toilet shouldn’t be the first thing you see when you enter the space. Avoid this bathroom remodeling mistake by enclosing the fixture with a wall or partition ensures that it stays out of sight and makes the entire room look and function better. If you don’t have enough room to locate the toilet in its own private place, make sure that it can’t be seen from any other room in your home.

2. Not Providing Enough Storage

Counter space is precious real estate in your Long Island bathroom, so take advantage of cleverly designed cabinets and vanities that let you keep accessories handy without cluttering countertops. Whether it’s a medicine cabinet with built-in electric outlets or a vanity with drawers and organizers instead of doors, custom cabinetry gives you ample storage personalized to suit your specific needs.

3. Cutting Corners on Key Features

To ensure your long-term satisfaction, invest in quality materials where it counts. A bargain tile may look good when you select it but may not stand up to constant exposure to moisture and extreme temperatures. Verify that commonly used fixtures like faucets come with lifetime warranties, and make sure that the materials you choose for cabinets, counters, and flooring are easy to clean and maintain.

4. Not Planning for Future Needs

One of the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes made in Long Island bathroom remodeling projects is forgetting to take future health needs into account. Including Universal Design features that allow family members to age in place is a smart move that can save you a significant amount of money down the line. In addition to grab bars around the toilet, bathtub, and shower, consider features like curb-less showers, shower benches and handheld showerheads.

5. Overlooking Safety Precautions

The majority of household accidents happen in the bathroom, so it’s critical to take steps to safeguard your family when remodeling the space. Faucets and showerheads should include anti-scald protections, electrical circuits should be ground-fault protected and slippery flooring materials should be avoided.

6. Forgetting About Ventilation

Making sure that your new bathroom is properly ventilated is critical. A too-damp environment not only makes it harder to keep the space clean but promotes the growth of harmful mold and mildew as well. That’s a big concern for family members with allergies or asthma. Everyone in your household will breathe easier with the addition of a well-designed ventilation fan.

7. Neglecting to Calculate Water Use

If you include features like showers with multiple shower heads in your bathroom renovation or you add a spa tub, sauna or second sink, you may have to upgrade your existing plumbing system or hot water heater to accommodate the changes. Installing water-efficient toilets and faucets can help offset the extra water usage.

8. Inadequate Lighting

When it comes to your bathroom’s style, few features have a greater impact than lighting. Illumination from a variety of sources is necessary for safety, and artfully designed light fixtures enhance the mood and ambiance of the room as well. If at all possible, include windows or skylights for natural light that helps keeps the space from feeling claustrophobic. Strip lights or sconces on the sides of the bathroom mirror are ideal for grooming tasks.

9. Going It Alone

Whether you’re renovating a powder room or a master suite, Long Island bathroom remodeling offers you the opportunity to transform a utilitarian space into something beautiful. A talented designer can provide you with ideas, suggestions, and tips that you might overlook on your own and can help you visualize the results before the renovations begin. Looking to avoid these bathroom remodeling mistakes and renovate your Long Island home’s bathroom? Give us a call!