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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets: without them, even the most beautifully designed kitchen would quickly devolve into a cluttered, disorganized mess. Though today, kitchen cabinets have vastly expanded their role beyond that of the simple storage container. In the 21st century kitchen, the best kitchen designs make maximum use of their expressive potential through the use of innovative… Read more »

3 Things to do to Prepare for a Kitchen Remodel

You’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen, chosen an excellent contractor, and have spec’d out all the essential details of what’s going in: cabinets, appliances, new plumbing, new electrical, and flooring. Before the workers arrive, however, it’s important that you take some steps of your own. These steps will make the work go easier,… Read more »

5 Affordable & Easy Ways to Spice up Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is your home’s central gathering place and activity center, but as time marches on, kitchens – like any well-used room subject to wear and tear – can begin to look a bit rough. At the same time, the design choices that seemed cutting-edge a decade ago can begin to appear stale and out… Read more »

Nine Reasonable Ways to Go Green at Home

Going green is not just what we do to help save the planet.  There really are quite substantial monetary savings to be had if you know  _how to act and what to look out for.  There are many settings which allow for “green” activity, but for our audience’s sake we will highlight 9 ways to… Read more »

Join Us In Supporting Habitat for Humanity’s Suffolk ReStore

Habitat for Humanity started serving the Suffolk community back in 1987, and has been growing as a division ever since.  Habitat for Humanity of Suffolk opened up ReStore to the public in Ronkonkoma on September 04, 2002. They provide housing and building materials to qualified community residents at a substantially discounted price.  This has given… Read more »

A Well Written Contract is Essential

Remodeling contracts and paperwork don’t need to be a mystery. All you need is a little patience, common sense and organizational skills combined with some basic knowledge.You should be aware of all the details in your remodeling contract before you sign. Here are some key areas you should look for: Detail what the contractor will… Read more »

NDA Kitchens Nominated for “Best of L.I.” Kitchen & Bath

NDA Kitchens proudly announces that we have been nominated for the Bethpage “Best of L.I.” Award in the Kitchen & Bath category!  While we are thrilled with the fact that we got the nomination, we’re really hoping for support from the Long Island communities to help us win. Please support NDA and any and all… Read more »

NDA Lends a Hand After Superstorm Sandy

The following article is a reprint from Newsday’s Sunday, November 4th issue: In the Village of Lindenhurst a 15-man crew composed mainly of of workers from a home renovation firm used their expertise and muscle to clear flood-ruined homes for free. Nearly a week after Sandy brought the region to its knees, small and not-so-small acts of kindness from neighbors and strangers… Read more »

NDA’s “Design/Build” Model Surpasses the Competition

Finding someone to help with a home remodeling project on Long Island can be a difficult task. There are hundreds – perhaps thousands – of options to choose from including general contractors, architects, handymen, and even the big box home improvement chains. The real problem is finding the complete package: one company specializing in all… Read more »

4 Reasons to Choose Granite for Your Kitchen Countertop

For its strength, durability and good looks, granite is a perennial favorite for countertops on Long Island that never goes out of style. Three times as strong as concrete, the granite countertops that you install in your Long Island kitchen will likely outlast any other material used in the heart of your home. Granite has… Read more »