Maureen & Joe A.

NDA kitchens came to my wife and I was highly recommended by several friends and a co-worker. From the minute you walk into the showroom and are greeted you can see for yourself the class and professionalism of this company. We received service that is absolutely beyond belief. From Walter our salesman to Courtney our Project Manager. Every step of the renovation was clearly explained to us.

Every night we received an email that described the following day’s work that was to be completed by the team, the time they could be expected to arrive. Not just one or two but every employee of NDA that walked through the door was professional, courteous, and outstanding at their profession. The job was expected to be completed in 16 days it was completed a day early.

The pictures speak for themselves, although they in no way show just how super a job was really done. If you are in the market for a renovation of a kitchen I can assure you there is no finer, professional company out there like NDA. I so highly recommend the company and their work, you will never find a contractor better than NDA. Remember one important fact which in this case is so so true “You Get What You Pay For.” I can assure you will not be disappointed.

John in Kings Park