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7 Practical and Beautiful Laundry Room Ideas

A list of elegant and easy laundry room design ideas

Could a trendy, hands-on space liven up one of life’s most mundane chores? We put the theory to the test and thought up seven ways to level up your laundry room from super easy upgrades to simple makeovers to smart renovations. Follow our tips and your dreams to create a laundry room so practical and beautiful, it makes you want to clean.

  1. Behind the barn door
    It’s nice to have a separate space to do the laundry. But not every home has a designated room for us to wash and fold. Sometimes, the closest thing we have to a laundry room is a closet with a washer and dryer nestled behind a boring wood door. The good news: you can still make the space practical and beautiful.Swap out the regular old closet door for a stylish, rustic and easy-to-install barn door. The switch enhances the space with just a little bit of effort. A barn door can also separate a laundry area from main rooms such as bedrooms or other living spaces. You get a stunning accent for your home that also hides dirty laundry piles from guests.
  2. The wood shelf makeover
    There are simple and chic ways to make over an outdated laundry space. Just one reclaimed wood shelf with matching baskets sitting on top can brighten up your cute little nook and help you organize detergent, dryer sheets, irons and other laundry items for a balance of style and substance. Add the warmth of a lamp and other decorative pieces to make the space uniquely yours.
  3. Pair with a mudroom
    Multitasking spaces are practical spaces. If your home has room to spare, go big with a hybrid laundry/mudroom. Imagine a large, stunning, open and natural-light filled space with an area to clean clothes, a nook to store coats and shoes and even a cabinet to store fire wood. The signature space works for any homeowner dreaming of a beautiful, functional and less isolating laundry area.
  4. Follow the trend
    Want to dip your feet into the latest home trends without jumping in the deep end? Start small—like in the laundry room. You can’t go wrong with subway tile, unfinished wood or Turkish prints. Create instant utility with a beautiful and functional wood washing machine cover or liven up the space with a graphic rug. Tack on some gadgets—from arrow hangers to tidy cups to ironing mats—to make laundry day even easier.
  5. Dog’s best friend
    Another trend making its mark in modern home remodeling is the dog-friendly laundry room. A dog wash puts the days of bathing Fido in the tub—and splashing water everywhere—behind you. It also doubles as a foot or shoe wash for muddy days. Imagine how much easier bath time—and life—could be with this innovative and contemporary laundry room idea.
  6. Chalk it up
    The chalkboard made its way from the classroom to the laundry room, giving families a fun and practical way to send gentle reminders. Write down (and easily erase) anything from daily chores to grocery lists to the cashmere sweaters to keep out of the dryer. The chalkboard is a simple DIY laundry room project you can make with an old window and some chalkboard paint.
  7. Don’t forget the sink
    You can’t have a practical laundry room without a sink—the small addition pays off in big ways. For deep basin utility and fashion forward design, the farmhouse sink gives you a functional space with a vintage vibe. Add show-stopping subway tile and gorgeous gold fixtures for a classic yet modern take on an everyday appliance.

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