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How to Design a Green Kitchen with Bamboo

Build the green kitchen of your dreams with bamboo

Every green kitchen demands super-sustainable construction material. At the top of the list — alongside cork, recycled timbers and FSC-certified wood — is bamboo. The uniquely beautiful, extra strong, totally green and incredibly popular material has taken the home building and renovation world by storm.

For all its desirable qualities, bamboo is the epitome of smart kitchen remodeling. Its sleek and efficient construction creates a fresh and modern look, while its distinctive linear grain and light color together add a touch of individuality. More than just strong and sustainable, bamboo is quickly renewable — and perfect for your kitchen.

Why create a green kitchen with bamboo?

For the eco-conscious homeowner, the 100% renewable resource promises a minimal environmental impact, among other earth-friendly advantages. Consider the top benefits of designing a green kitchen with bamboo:

Top ways to use bamboo.

Bamboo is an elegant and exotic construction material you can use all throughout a green kitchen. Its stylish and sturdy nature makes it a popular option for high-end wood flooring, while its attractive and lustrous appearance works wonders as kitchen cabinetry.

The versatile material also pairs perfectly with other green kitchen materials including Quartz countertops, glass or ceramic tiles, sustainable wood and more. You can make bamboo work in your green kitchen in just three easy steps.

Step 1: Start with color.

Bamboo’s light and beautiful natural hue warms up any kitchen with a timeless elegance. Bamboo shines on its own with a simple clear coat and little or no stain. For darker shades, consider staining the cabinets yourself or simply order custom bamboo cabinets in a darker tone.

Step 2: Check your budget.

Expect to pay about $3 to $9 per square foot for bamboo flooring. Bamboo cabinet doors vary in price ranging from as little as $30 for a single door to as much as thousands of dollar for an entire kitchen of custom bamboo cabinets. Much of the cost boils down to the type of space you wish to create.

Step 3: Consider the space.

The fairly new and uncommon material is moderately expensive —comparable to the cost of high-end hardwood. Many manufacturers stock only a few bamboo styles, often limiting your design options. If you have a unique space, custom cabinets may be your only option. For the added cost, you can wake up each morning to the green kitchen of your dreams, thanks to bamboo.

Build your dream kitchen.

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