You've lived with your current kitchen design for a long time. Should you stick with it or undertake a renovation project? Determining when to remodel your kitchen is a personal choice, but the following list can help you decide. Check out these eight criteria to figure out whether a kitchen redesign should be in your near future.

1. You Love Your Home

Remodels are best for people who plan to stay in their homes for a long time to come. You'll get the most benefit out of your effort if you plan to stick around to enjoy the fruits of your labors. If you love most things about your home, including the size, the neighbors and the area, a remodeling project may help you love it even more.

It might be tempting to remodel in preparation for a move. However, the average ROI for a major remodeling project is just 54 percent. It increases to 81 percent for smaller renovations. However, that still may not be enough to justify a big undertaking just before listing your home.

2. You Hate Your Kitchen

From cramped appliances to limited storage space, there may be a lot of reasons that you and your kitchen aren't currently getting along. It can be hard to motivate yourself to spend time cooking in a miserable kitchen.

You might consider moving in order to get a bigger or better kitchen, but that would require leaving behind the rest of your house as well. Remodeling your kitchen is a solution that allows you to keep the parts of your house that you love while also obtaining your dream kitchen.

3. Your Appliances Are Reaching the End of Their Life

You may get only 9 years out of your microwave and your dishwasher. Refrigerators are typically good for about 13 years. Gas stoves may hang on for 15 years.

When repair costs start to add up, it's probably better to replace your appliances than to keep fixing them. Not only will this reduce your repair bills, but you might also find that the new appliances are more energy efficient.

As long as you're adding shiny new appliances to your kitchen, you might want to take it one step further with a full remodel of the room. New appliances are tricky to blend into an outdated setting. By updating the whole room, you can create a cohesive, up-to-date look.

4. Your Current Design Is More Work Than It's Worth

Do you waste valuable time trying to keep your current kitchen clean and organized? Cramped cabinets might require you to contort your body or move countless kitchenware items just to access the things that you need. Old countertops might take their toll on your arms as you scrub and scrub at set-in stains and dirty grout.

Your time and energy are more valuable than that. When your kitchen is taking more from you than you're getting in return, think about switching out your old design for an updated model.

5. Your Neighbors Have Been Remodeling

Although remodeling right before a move isn't always the best choice, you should always keep your home's value in mind. When you're ready to sell your house at some point down the road, you want to make sure that you get top dollar out of it.

Therefore, you need to keep your property on par with the other houses in your neighborhood. If your neighbors have been updating and modernizing their homes, you might want to do the same. When two comparable houses in a neighborhood are for sale at the same time, buyers may be more likely to purchase the one with the newer kitchen.

Learn more about the effect of a kitchen remodel on property value in the following video:

6. You Have a Plan in Mind

When it comes to kitchen design, there is no shortage of options available. If you don't know what you want from your project, you can easily become overwhelmed by the decision-making involved.

Having a clear plan can make all the difference. It's easier to make decisions when you weigh them against your vision. If an element contributes to your plan, you keep it. If it doesn't add to your vision, it's out.

7. You Have Wiggle Room in Your Budget

Remodeling requires an investment. In 2017, the average kitchen renovation cost $21,751. Of course, that figure can vary widely depending on the extent of the project, the area of the country and the materials selected.

It's always good to have some extra space in your budget for extra expenditures during the process. That way, you can resolve any problems that crop up, and you can add an extra element or two if you find a must-have small appliance or decor item.

8. You Have Time to Commit

There's no question about it: Remodeling takes time. Not only are there the weeks spent on the actual demolition and installation work, but you also have to consider the time that you spend in planning and preparation. Plus, once the renovation is complete, you need to give yourself a bit of time to settle in and feel at home in your new kitchen.

In other words, it's best to plan your kitchen work for a fairly calm time in your life. Trying to squeeze in a remodel just in time for holiday company may not be the best choice for your lifestyle. However, if you have a few months to focus on your kitchen, a redesign could be in the cards.

Of course, when you opt for NDA Kitchens for your remodeling project, you can take advantage of our Three Week Kitchen Renovation promise. We'll help you determine when to remodel your kitchen, and we'll help you design the room that works for your home and lifestyle. When you're ready for a kitchen renovation, give us a call to get started.