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More and more people have decided to "do it" themselves. For many projects, remodeling requires more than a knack for design, which is why NDA Kitchen and Construction has a support program to help you with your new space.

“Do it Yourself” Kitchen and Bathroom Support

If you want to update your kitchen or bathroom but you don’t want to spend the money, try our DIY option. We will help you through the process and make sure your DIY renovation is still up to our high NDA standards. If you’re trying to save and know your way around home renovations this may be the perfect option for you.

  • Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience!
  • You will receive 20/20 color prints and Auto-Cad blueprints.
  • NDA will supply and deliver quality cabinets.
  • Buy our kitchen cabinets and get our complete design services for free including detailed measure.
  • Detailed design with 20/20 color prints and Auto Cad blueprints
  • Detailed full construction and electrical plans

NDA Assisted Kitchen and Bathroom

This option includes all of the DIY features, plus…

  • Installation of cabinets, granite, backsplash tiles, and hardware.
  • You will receive access to NDA sub-contractors, electric, plumbing, drywall, framing, flooring
  • HVAC, ect.
  • You will save on sales tax!

Another great NDA offer that helps you not break the bank while still getting that classic NDA bathroom or kitchen. Our sub-contractors and experienced staff will assist you in building the bathroom or kitchen of your dreams. The timing for home renovation is never perfect, but with NDA’s help, we can make sure the final product is.

NDA Exclusive Kitchen and Bathroom Install

This option is the total package, soup to nuts! It includes all of the above plus total demolition

  • Framing
  • Windows/doors
  • Insulation
  • Drywall
  • All new electrical and plumbing to code
  • Cabinets
  • Granite
  • Backsplash tiles
  • Flooring, ect.
  • NDA will also give you a one year warranty with a complete “punchlist” walk through!

Total demolition, framing, windows, doors, insulation, drywall, all new electrical and plumbing to code, cabinets, granite, backsplash tiles, flooring, and much more. NDA will also give you a one year warranty with a complete “punchlist” walk through!

Why go to a “big box” store to purchase interior products and designs when you can get the “NDA Signature Kitchen or bathroom” of your dreams. And with the support and guidance of our staff you can do it yourself.


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