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How to Create a Dream Bar in Your Kitchen

Learn how to create a dream bar in your kitchen. A bar is the ideal solution for opening up space, upgrading your home décor and entertaining guests.

Creating a dream bar in your kitchen is a balancing act: your functional goals on the one hand and your design aspirations on the other. More than just the look and feel, utility plays an important role. From updating an outdated kitchen with signature style, to opening up a cramped lifestyle with multi-use space, your… Read more »

The Bright Future of Smart Kitchens

Smart kitchen capabilities. Technological trends for kitchens.

The Internet of Things (IoT) brought all types of objects to life — cars, buildings, appliances, and even garbage bins. With smart technology behind the wheel, the journey towards the digital revolution continues into the kitchen. With all our devices connected, talking to each other and growing more intelligent by the day, the bright future… Read more »

Rethink Kitchen Design: Seating Ideas You Need to Know About

Consider the amount of time you spend in the kitchen: for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the snacks, chats and hangouts in between. Perhaps, the greatest gathering spot in the whole house, every kitchen deserves the best seating arrangement for the space. You need to get it just right. Seating is the cornerstone of… Read more »

How to Design an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Here is a general how-to on building a green kitchen

Here is a general how-to on building a green kitchen Thinking about painting your kitchen a new shade of green? Good for you! Your drive to design an eco-friendly kitchen promotes important benefits for both you and the planet. If you are like most environmentally-inclined homeowners, you probably want to save money and resources without… Read more »

The Best Ways to Organize Your Fridge

Here are some smart strategies to keep the contents of your fridge cool, efficient, and organized

The modern electric fridge has long been the busiest, most popular appliance in the great American kitchen. Today’s generation of full-size refrigerators – from Frigidaire, GE, Kenmore, LG, Samsung, and other leading brands – are much roomier than those installed in prior decades, but storage space will always be at a premium, especially for busy… Read more »

How to Make Your Kitchen Kid-Friendly

A kid-friendly kitchen is one that’s safe, engaging, fun and durable.

Your kitchen is the hub and heart of your home, and if kids are part of your family, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be included in kitchen-based activities. This means taking steps to make your kitchen as kid-friendly as possible. A truly kid-friendly kitchen is one with the following properties: Kid-safe. Although the kitchen isn’t… Read more »

What is the Proper Lighting for Your Kitchen?

The best kitchen remodel plans always incorporate a flexible plan for lighting.

Flexible lighting for your kitchen is essential to handle the many moods and functions of this busy room. The best kitchen designs incorporate smart lighting schemes that give you maximum flexibility over how this busy work and gathering space is illuminated. While there is no single “best” way to light the kitchen, there are three… Read more »

Flooring That is Best for Your Kitchen Remodel

Your choice of flooring is a key decision in your kitchen remodel project

Choosing the best floor for your kitchen remodel means balancing style, durability, and cost. You’ve got a lot of important decisions to make in your kitchen remodeling project, but arguably none more important than which flooring material to choose. This choice is important because: Your kitchen is likely the busiest room of your house, and… Read more »

The Best Meals to Make Without an Oven

The Tastiest Meals to Make Without an Oven

Your oven will be out of commission during your kitchen remodeling. What to do? Your kitchen will be out of commission for the duration of your kitchen remodeling project, so it’s important to start thinking about how your family will eat during this time, which may last from several days to several weeks (depending on… Read more »

How to Make Your Kitchen Sparkle

These cleaning tips will help you keep your remodeled kitchen spotless and sparkling

You’ve invested a lot in your kitchen. Here’s how to keep it beautiful and squeaky-clean. Your newly remodeled kitchen is beautiful. Congratulations! But what’s the best way to keep this busy activity center — the heart of your home — pristine, organized, and hygienic? Before we discuss specific kitchen cleaning do’s and don’ts, let’s introduce… Read more »